Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control Shares Important Capacity Updates And Asks For Help Following A Facebook Hack

CHARLOTTE, NC (News Release) — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Animal Care & Control (AC&C) has not seen low or even average dog capacity numbers since mid-way through 2021.

“Being at or near capacity in the dog kennels seems to be the new normal, not only here in Mecklenburg County, but across the country. I could easily send out a notification every week saying, “we are full”. I know that if I did that
then the message would start to get lost. But I want to say to the Charlotte community, please continue to check-in and help us. We are going to be full of dogs waiting for homes for the foreseeable future, don’t wait for it to be on the news to come and help.” -AC&C Communications & Outreach Manager Melissa Knicely

As of this morning, AC&C has 6 open dog kennels in Stray/Lost Kennels, There are 9 open kennels in the Adoption Kennels. There are 42 on the “move list” which means they are currently in Stray/Lost and waiting for a kennel to open in Adoption Kennels so they can move there.Screen Shot 2023 03 03 At 30136 Pm

Adoption Special Continues through the end of March to try and help increase dog adoptions

Due to high dog capacity, AC&C is continuing a dog adoption special through the month of March. Adopt your Lucky Charm. Adoption fees are waived for dogs when you make a financial donation of your choice to support AC&C Shelter Programs. All dogs come with a health exam and core vaccines, heartworm test, fecal test, dewormed, heartworm preventative, spayed or neutered, and microchipped. *if they are heartworm positive and approved for treatment by our veterinarian, AC&C will send home a free heartworm treatment packet along with the protocol information with your newly adopted dog. Adoptions prices are normally $113.00 for an adult male dog and $118 for an adult female dog.

AC&C encourages all adopters to consider all the annual costs of owning a pet when deciding to bring a new furry family member home. A recent article in USA Today shares some estimates of what to expect.

AC&C’s Facebook page was hacked in October 2022, and we need your help!

Tragically, the AC&C Facebook page was hacked back in October. After 3 months of working with Facebook, sending them many types of documentation to show that we are the rightful owner of the pages (thanks to many organizations that helped us with this process) Facebook denied our numerous appeals. On January 23, 2023, the decision was made to start over with a new page.

This is where we really need the help of our community. We had over 30K followers on our old page (which still exists), and we are desperately trying to build back our social community so that our animals and critical needs can be shared far and wide.

Screen Shot 2023 03 03 At 30206 Pm

”We really felt the loss over the holidays with slower adoptions and fewer donations and are still feeling it. As a municipal shelter we have a very small advertising budget, so social media and working with the local media is invaluable to us. “- AC&C Communications & Outreach Manager Melissa Knicely

Click here to follow the new CMPD Animal Care & Control Facebook page.