Talk, Truth, Tea: Wacky Looking Wax Figures & Hugh Jackman Bulks Up

HOLLYWOOD, CA– In this morning’s “Talk, Truth, Tea”, a TikTok video of a wax museum in Poland is going viral. Someone posted the video that shows some very distorted looking members of the royal family, namely William and Kate. The museum is being called the “worst” wax museum. The video has been viewed more than 13 million times so far. The museum has become known for its wacky wax versions of celebrities.

Hugh Jackman is looking more like the Hulk these days. The star is bulking up for his return to the Wolverine role for the upcoming movie, “Deadpool 3”. Jackman posted the diet he’s following to grow those muscles on social media. It is 6 meals a day. Those meals include 2 sirloins, 2 chicken burgers salmon and more. The meals total up to about 8,000 calories. “Deadpool 3” will hit theaters in November.