How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck With Anthony Oneal



CHARLOTTE, NC — As financial concerns grow for Americans, Financial Expert and host of “The Table” on YouTube, Anthony ONeal shares advice on how to stop living paycheck to paycheck.


Get Real with Your Budget. 

  • Inflation is very much a reality, but it’s important to assess our overall spending behaviors, too.

  • Things cost more right now. Your budget should reflect that.

  • The cost of basic needs have gone up, like your groceries. We can’t maintain the same spending habits for things we want when the cost of our needs has changed.

  • Prioritize your basic needs in your budget. Your four walls- food, housing, transportation and utilities.

  • Anything beyond that or things dealing with your health are wants.

  • Cut out unnecessary spending to accommodate your needs in your budget. Things like eating out, traveling, monthly subscriptions, these aren’t must-haves.


Fix Your Financial Equation. 

  • You can only cut expenses so far. At a certain point, it may not be a behavior problem. It might be an income problem.

  • Money flows in and it flows out. If you’ve already cut everything you can, you need more money coming IN!

  • Changing jobs may not be an option for you right now, but I think we have to think beyond a 9-5 job when it comes to scaling our income.

  • Everyone has talents that can be marketed and utilized to earn more money. It doesn’t have to look like quitting your full time job to run a business- it might look like earning money on the side on TOP of your income.

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Don’t Use Debt. 

  • It’s tempting to add things to a credit card when you’re living paycheck to paycheck to fill in the gap.

  • But you’re setting yourself up for a vicious cycle that will never end. If you have debt, stop adding to it. Cut up the cards.

  • Commit to doing things that make you uncomfortable to work your way out of debt. That extra income I just mentioned– if you have debt, I want you utilizing that to pay it off.

  • The best method for paying down debt is the debt snowball. List your debts smallest to largest, regardless of interest rate.

  • Throw everything you can at the smallest debt, make minimum payments on the rest. Once the smallest debt is paid, attack the next one. Repeat that until you’re debt free.


Save, Save, Save and Do NOT Dip Into Retirement Funds. 

  • Because of inflation, many Americans have already dwindled their savings. A lack of savings and mounting debt has led to people dipping into their retirement funds.

  • This is not a good strategy- you’ll get hit with taxes and fees, not to mention you’re stealing from your future to pay for today.

  • The order of these steps matters. We talked about cutting expenses and fixing your income problem. Then you’re using all of that to dig yourself out of debt.

  • Once you’ve paid off your debt, all of that money is freed up to prioritize SAVING money. I want you to save 3-6 months of expenses into an emergency fund.

  • Cash in the bank gives you peace of mind. It turns an emergency into an inconvenience.

  • If you follow all of these steps, you’re going to win with money.