5 Things With Anna: Why Your Coffee May Cause Weight Gain


CHARLOTTE, NC — Bahakel Entertainment’s Anna Kooiman is letting you know 5 ways your coffee may be causing you weight gain.

NUMBER ONE: Flavored Coffee
Flavored coffee contains a lot of added sugar, because most cafés are adding flavored syrups to give it that vanilla or hazelnut taste.
Sugary syrups can also lead to weight gain if that’s your go-to.
Instead, buy flavored coffee beans. The taste is still the same, just without the extra calories.
NUMBER TWO: Coconut Oil In Coffee
Beware, The ketogenic fad diet that seems to be all the rage right now has a lot of people adding fatty coconut oil or MCT oil.
If you’re doing the keto diet, the theory is the oils will help balance blood sugar levels. But the oils also have a lot of calories.
NUMBER THREE: Coffee Creamer
If you love adding creamer to your coffee, pay attention to the how much creamer you’re adding to your cup.
A serving size is much smaller than what most may think.
Coffee creamer also often contain a lot of unnecessary preservatives and additives.
NUMBER FOUR: Skipping Breakfast
Do you skip breakfast and opt for coffee instead?
If you practice intermittent fasting and have a black coffee, it may be causing you weight gain. This also messes with your blood sugar levels and hormones.
NUMBER FIVE: Afternoon Coffee
Most people have a coffee as soon as they wake up, but having an afternoon coffee may also be causing you weight gain.
You may be unknowingly disturbing your sleep at night, scientific studies show getting fewer that five hours of sleep each night causes weight gain.

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