Up ‘n Adam: Carowinds 50th Anniversary

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Bahakel Entertainment Correspondent Adam Wurtzel went to Carowinds on the day the park opened, 50 years later!

The morning got started by meeting one of the park’s popular mascots, Snoopy of “Peanuts” fame, who showed off an all new parade float with Director of Live Entertainment, Ryan Allen.

Then, it was time to talk history with Steve Jackson, who has worked at Carowinds since 1984, and even met his wife on the property (who started at the theme park in 1979).

As the sun continued to rise, so did “Up ‘n Adam.”  Next, we took a trip 262 feet in the air aboard the Carolina Skytower, an original opening day attraction from 1973.  In the tower, Ed Paat, Executive Director of A Kid Again explained how Carowinds is giving back to help celebrate the 50th Anniversary weekend.

Finally, it was coaster time!  Adam had a chat with Carowinds Director of Communications Courtney Weber in the front row of the park’s newest coaster, Copperhead Strike.  As the morning came to a close, it was time to go instantly upside down and 0-40 mph in 2.5 seconds on the double launch coaster!

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