Adam Wurtzel

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Adam Wurtzel is a CMA Media Achievement nominated host and reporter, who’s love for television started earlier than most. Before he could talk, he became infatuated with classics like “Card Sharks” and “Wheel of Fortune,” and even taught himself how to timer record on a VCR at the age of 3! (He recorded his favorite shows while in preschool!)

After hosting a game show in college, Wurtzel’s dream came true in 2009, when he won a national competition to host “GSN Live” for Game Show Network alongside TV veteran/host Fred Roggin. Shortly after that, he was named the backstage correspondent for CBS’s “The Early Show,” where his “full circle moment” occurred backstage at “The Price is Right.”

In 2012, Adam moved to Nashville, and throughout his over a decade in Music City, became a go-to Country Music Host, most notably on “Nashville Insider,” a show Wurtzel has been a part of since day 1, seen across America in Syndication.

Adam moved to Charlotte in October 2022 to be Bahakel Entertainment’s Senior Producer and On-Air Correspondent. You can see him during “Up ‘n Adam” segments live on Rising, and on other properties throughout the Bahakel Entertainment station group. When he’s not on air, he’s on stage co-hosting “Hollywood’s Greatest Game Shows” across North America with game show legend Bob Eubanks.