Customer Claims Captain D’s Employees Threatened And Assaulted Her

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Reshaunda Mason is still in disbelief over her encounter with employees at Captain D’s seafood restaurant on Sunset Rd in Charlotte.

“I’ve never had a close call like that,” said Mason.

Mason says she went through the drive thru for lunch last Wednesday. About 20 minutes later, she got an alert on her phone of suspicious fraud on her credit card for $374. Mason checked her account to find a different $300 charge on her card. She realized she left her card at Captain D’s.

Mason says after she got her card back, employees got hostile when she questioned the fraudulent charges and the GM was called in.

“When she came into the store I’m thinking great, the general manager is here. We’re going to get some things handled. She comes directly to me, shoves me in my chest and I’m like wait don’t do that again.
She does it again,” Mason said.

Mason recorded video of the encounter.  It shows a woman coming out of the kitchen area with what appears to be a pitcher filled with liquid.

Mason said the employee also tried knocking her phone out of her hand. According to Mason, she then went outside to take a picture of that employee’s license plate. That’s when things took an even more violent turn.

“She gets out of her car with a machete. She pulls that machete out and she draws it back and she tries to slice me,” explained Mason of the employee’s actions.

Police showed up shortly after. Mason wasn’t hurt. It’s something she’s grateful for.

“We had Easter Sunday yesterday, and all I could do was cry because I was so blessed to still be here with my family,” said Mason as she fought back tears.

Mason said Captain D’s corporate office has yet to reach out to her.

We reached out for a statement, but have not heard back.