Increased Fire Danger Tuesday

AM Headlines:
  • Increased Fire Danger
    • RH 20-25%
    • Gusts 20-30 mph
  • Sunny, breezy and dry today
  • Highs reaching the mid 80s mid-week
  • Rain and storms Saturday
    • Strong storms possible — something to watch
Another breezy afternoon with highs reaching the upper 70s today. Relative humidity levels will drop to 20-25%. This combined with gusty winds 20-30 mph and dry vegetation will increase  the fire danger across the region this afternoon. Fires could start and spread quickly. Check with local officials and hold off on any outdoor burning. Dry air will continue tomorrow with another drop in relative humidity levels as temps warm into the mid 80s, however winds will be dying down as low pressure moves out of the north. It will feel almost hot this week with temps continuing to cruise into the mid to upper 80s. Sunny and dry through the end of the week. Saturday will bring back rain and storm chances to the area. We need to watch for Saturday. As of now, there is potential for a few strong to even severe storms with the ingredients we will have in place. It will be something to watch ahead of the cold front. Much cooler behind the front with temps falling into the 30s and 40s Sunday night and daytime highs struggling to break out of the 60s.