‘A Lot Of People Were Scared, People Were Crying’; Gastonia Man Grazed By Bullet Inside Local Restaurant

CHARLOTTE — Frightening moments for a Gastonia man and dozens of other people dining at a popular west Charlotte restaurant.  Two people were injured after a gun went off inside a Cracker Barrel.  It happened last week at the restaurant located on Queen City Drive.  WCCB Charlotte’s cameras were rolling as officers investigated the scene.  CMPD says a man’s gun accidentally went off inside the restaurant after it fell to the floor.

One man was shot in the leg.  MEDIC transported him to the hospital.  John Sharrock was grazed in the neck by the bullet.

“I hear a loud pop, and I felt something across my neck, and the waitress jumped back.  I looked around to see where the noise was coming from.  I see a gentleman bend down and he picked up what looked like a 9 millimeter,” says John Sharrock.

Sharrock says the man immediately left the restaurant, but another man was waiting outside and tackled him to the ground.  CMPD arrived and the man was cited.  He’s identified as 64-year-old Robert Prebble. He’s due in court in June.  Police say Prebble was carrying a Colt 1911 MK4 when it fell out of his pocket.

Cracker Barrel issued this statement about the shooting:

“There was an accidental discharge from a guest’s firearm at our Charlotte store. We are thankful to report no one was seriously injured, and guests in our dining room and our employees are safe. The store quickly reopened, and we are cooperating with the local authorities as they continue their investigation.”

Sharrock is thankful to be alive.  No one was seriously hurt.