Tucky Founder Live on Rising After Reeling in Shark Tank Deal

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Brook Knaus, founder of Charlotte-based Tucky joined Rising Thursday to talk about her experience on Shark Tank and showed us how the Tucky works.

Knaus landed a deal with Shark Tank investor Daymond John. He offered $70,000 for a 40% equity share. She countered with 39%.

Knaus tells us, it was likely the smallest negotiation in the history of Shark Tank, but that she didn’t want to lose the opportunity to work with John.

Tucky was created in late 2021 and started being sold to the public in April 2022.

The fashion band, sold for $30, is used for tucking in a shirt or making a crop top.

Right now, the accessory is sold-out, but another shipment is expected early summer and you can pre-order.

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