Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club

Nancy Drew Podcast S1E7: The Tale of the Fallen Sea Queen

What does the Hudson family have on Carson Drew that is keeping him in their grasp?  It seems obvious that he has some involvement in Lucy Sable's death... but Jess and Nomi don't think it's quite that simple.  We break down the latest episode plus a review of our book of the week, "The Outsider" by Stephen King. Follow the hosts: @jessicabaryla & @nomiburton

Nancy Drew S1E6: The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge

Lucy Sable and Tiffany Hudson's murders are connected - but how?  We are starting to see how Ryan Hudson's family may have played a role in Lucy's death...but Carson Drew may be involved as well.  Jess and Nomi break down the episode plus the ending of "I Know Who You Are" by Alice Feeney.   Got a mystery book recommendation you'd like to hear on the show?  Let us know!  Follow the hosts:  @JessicaBaryla & @NomiBurton

Nancy Drew S1E5: The Case of the Wayward Spirit

The Drew Crew, as we'll call it, is forced to expel the spirit of the late Tiffany Hudson from their friend, George.  Angry ghost Tiffany knows about her husband, Ryan's, affair with George... but does she know more than that?  At the end of the episode, Nancy unearths a time capsule from her parent's class and a video that shows the mysteriously murdered, Lucy Sable, talking with non other than Ryan!  Also... we did not realize Ryan was the same age as the Drew Crew's parents.  Our suspicions that Ryan may have something to do with Lucy Sable's murder grow stronger. This month, our pick for Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club is "I Know Who You Are" by Alice Feeney.  We talk about the first half of this intricately woven mystery.  Reading along?  Write in with your comments!  Subscribe to Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay or your favorite podcast app and follow the hosts @jessicabaryla & @nomiburton

Nancy Drew S1E4: The Haunted Ring

It's Halloween so it's only fitting that we share our favorite haunting novels and stories PLUS some listener favorites.  Which books have spooked you throughout the years? Nancy and papa Drew seem to have mended their relationship for now, but odds are he's still hiding some big secrets about the fate of Lucy Sable.  And *spoiler* it turns out that Detective Hart has been lying about her past relationship with Lucy.  Do you think she had something to do with the death?   Next week's episode seems to focus on George, who is basically having a crappy month.  First the blood bucket, now apparently she's being possessed by the ghost of Tiffany?  No bueno.  Will Tiffany's ghost help solve her own murder...and tie it into the mysterious death of Lucy Sable?  Only time will tell... Subscribe now to the podast and follow the hosts @jessicabaryla & @nomiburton 

Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club: S1E3 The Curse of the Dark Storm

So many ghosts, so little time.  Nancy Drew teams up with Nick to decode a mysterious clue left by Tiffany.  Papa Drew works with the deceased Tiffany's husband, Ryan, who is in desperate need of estate money... for something...  And Papa Drew continues to lie to Nancy about what really happened to the bloody dress Nancy uncovered in the attic.  Plus, George is saved from her 'curse' by a phantom friend.  Just Jess and Nomi break it all down plus discuss the easter eggs from the book, "Nancy Drew and the Secret of the Old Clock" on the latest episode of Nancy Drew Mystery Book Club. Follow the hosts: @jessicabaryla & @nomiburton

Nancy Drew Pilot: Recap Podcast

The CW's "Nancy Drew" is a creepy twist on a classic book series modernizing the iconic, young female detective and diving into a dark new mystery (complete with easter eggs, of course.)  Each week, your favorite Charlotte's CW podcast hosts, Just Jess and Nomi, will break down the latest episode and chat about a mystery book of choice.   This pilot episode of "Nancy Drew" starts strong in the eerie seaside town of Horseshoe Bay, haunted by the legendary ghost (we're talking like only back to the year 2000 'legendary'... what?!) of high school 'sea queen,' Lucy Sable, with a possible connection to Nancy.  And because 1 death is never enough for a CW show, ANOTHER mysterious murder occurs at the diner during Nancy's shift... and everyone is a suspect.  Including Nancy's boy toy with a troubled past, Ned 'Nick' Nickerson.  In Nancy's small circle of acquaintances everyone has something to hide.

ALL NEW - Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club Podcast

In honor of The CW's new series, "Nancy Drew," Just Jess & Nomi Burton are launching a *brand new* podcast, 'Nancy Drew's Mystery Book Club.'  Each show, Jess and Nomi will break down the latest episode of 'Nancy Drew' and will discuss a mystery book of their choice.  Some episodes will feature mystery authors and listener book choices.  Subscribe today and watch Nancy Drew Wednesdays at 9pm on Charlotte's CW!

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