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Bill to Stop I-77 Toll Lanes

  CHARLOTTE, NC -- There is a new effort to put the brakes on the Interstate 77 toll lanes as soon as next week. Representative Charles Jeter from Mecklenburg County says he will introduce a…

Trump's NY Win Comes After Serious Campaign Restructuring

Even as he secured a commanding win in his home state of New York on Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is continuing to shake up his campaign with new staff, new strategy and an overhauled campaign structure strikingly late in the game.

Clinton On Brink Of Dem Nomination; Trump Strengthens Path

Hillary Clinton emerged from New York's presidential primary closer to clinching the Democratic nomination and becoming the first woman to reach that milestone. Republican Donald Trump strengthened his own path to the general election with a commanding victory, but has little room for error in the states ahead.

Fed Appeals Court Ruling Could Change HB2

CHARLOTTE, NC -- An appeals court decision threatens to dismantle at least part of House Bill Two. The Federal Appeals Court says a Virginia teen can use the school bathroom matching the gender with which he identifies. The ruling breathes…

Trump, Clinton Look for Wins on Home Turf in New York

Competing on their home turf, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton aimed to emerge victorious from Tuesday's primaries in New York, contests that offer big delegate hauls and an opportunity for the front-runners to push closer to their parties' nominations.

Court Divided on Obama's Immigration Actions

The Supreme Court appeared divided between its liberal and conservative justices Monday over President Barack Obama's immigration programs that could affect millions of people who are in the country illegally.

New York Delivers Rowdy Night Of Campaigning

Democrats brawled in Brooklyn while Republicans in black tie threw sharp elbows at a Manhattan gala in a rowdy New York night of politics ahead of the state's Tuesday presidential primary.

Concerns That Pepper Spray Was Used In School Fight

CHARLOTTE, NC-- A fight between West Mecklenburg High School students has parents concerned tonight. Officers were called to the school this afternoon after one student may have used pepper spray on another. We…


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