Toyota Service tips for air filter replacements

affordable Toyota ServiceDid you know there is an air filter that protects your engine from dirt and debris? This air filter is typically found inside a box or compartment under your hood. Since this auto part’s purpose is to keep debris out of your engine, it can become dirty and clogged. As a car owner, you should keep up with routine car maintenance and replace this air filter – but how do you know when to do it?

3 signs your air filter needs replacing

Replacing your air filter is crucial to the performance and condition of your vehicle. If you’re unsure of when to replace the air filter, the experts at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center knows of three signs that may indicate a replacement is needed:

  • Loss of performance. If you notice a steady decline in fuel economy, or a loss in acceleration power, the air filter is unable to provide steady air flow to your engine. Replacing this auto part will help restore performance.
  • Coughing noises while idling. If you’re sitting in one spot while your car is running and you hear a strange noise, your air filter may be having a hard time filtering air through. This is a sign that you need a new air filter.
  • Looks dirty and clogged. Of course, you can always take a look at the air filter for yourself. It should be a white or off-white color, if clean. If it is dirty and clogged, you need a new one to protect your engine.

Charlotte Toyota Service tips

Replacing an air filter is easy – you can even do it yourself! Our Charlotte Toyota Service techs recommend consulting the owner’s manual of your car before purchasing a new air filter. After buying the correct type of air filter for your vehicle, make sure your engine is cool before attempting to open the air filter box.

Typically, the box can only be opened with a screwdriver and maybe a little bit of elbow grease! Once you’ve got it open, remember which way the air filter is placed inside. Then, remove the dirty filter and replace it with the new – and voila! Don’t forget to reattach clips or screws on the box before closing the hood and calling it a day.

The experts at our Charlotte Toyota Service Center recommend having other filters on your car cleaned and replaced regularly, too! For example, your cabin air filter should be checked or replaced every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. If you notice your air conditioning isn’t blowing hard or cold air, the cabin air filter may be clogged and need to be replaced.

Your car also requires an oil filter! This Charlotte auto part is responsible for removing any pieces of metal or debris from the motor oil circulating through your car. An oil filter should be replaced after every oil change!

If you want to leave the filter replacements to the experts, stop by our Charlotte Toyota Service Center for fast and affordable auto service! We’re located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off of I-77 at exit 23!

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