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Toyota service in CharlotteIf you’re planning on getting out of town this holiday season to see friends, family, and maybe even get yourself a truly white Christmas, then you need to prepare your car accordingly. No one wants to be stuck with a broken-down ride or worse, get into a collision because their car couldn’t handle winter weather. Toyota of N Charlotte is here to help! We have an auto service checklist for your holiday road trip to ensure it’s merry and bright!

What auto service items should you take care of before a road trip?

Here are the main points of Charlotte auto service you’ll want to address before you hit the highway this holiday season:

1) Oil change: Schedule a Charlotte oil change to ensure your engine can stay cool even when traveling over long distances at high speeds. Additionally, a fresh reservoir of oil can help your car cope with extreme temperatures. See why this Toyota service is so imperative?

2) Tire rotation, inflation, and inspection: It’s also important to have your tires inspected, rotated, and inflated before you leave. Our Charlotte auto service techs will check your tires over for wear and tear, including bulges, blisters, dry rot, and other problems that may lead to a blowout. They can also rotate your tires to even out the wear and extend their life, as well as inflate them to the proper PSI to boost both traction and fuel efficiency!

3) Brake service: You definitely want full braking power on your side, especially if you’re going to be driving in ice or snow. Brake service will ensure you have it! Our auto service techs will inspect your entire braking system, replace brake pads, and check brake fluid to get you the stopping power you need before you leave.

4) Battery inspection: Extreme weather – both cold and hot – can take a toll on your car’s battery, and no one wants to be stranded with a dead vehicle. Our techs will inspect your car battery for any swelling, rusting, or corrosion; they’ll also check the voltage. Overall, they’ll make sure it can stand up to a road trip!

Let Toyota of N Charlotte ensure your holidays are merry and bright!

5) Headlights, taillights, and turn signals: Our auto service techs can inspect your headlights, taillights, and turn signals to make sure they’re all bright and visible, and replace any burnt out bulbs as needed.

6) Heater and defroster: You definitely want your heater and defroster working well before you head into cold, snowy weather, for both comfort and visibility. Let Toyota of N Charlotte check things out for you!

Also, you should be sure to address any lights that have turned on in your dash. It’s never a good idea to ignore them, especially when you’re heading on a long-distance trip, as they can lead to bigger and more costly car service issues than you may imagine!

Ready to start ticking things off the list? Call our Toyota service center in Charlotte today at (888) 378-1214!

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