Zell or Zilch

Zell or Zilch: Treat Your Feet

Take a look at some products designed to help soothe your tired toes and see if they pass the test. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Travel Products

Kristine is testing out some new travel products that will help ensure a smooth ride with your kids. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Valentine's Goodies

Kristine's testing out some chocolates and candles just in time for Valentine's Day. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Bacon Lovers

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Zell or Zilch: Kids Snacking Made Easy

Kristine tests out some snack products for the little one in your life. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Perfect Posture

Kristine's helping you align your spine with these two perfect posture products. Read More »

Zell Or Zilch: Undergarments For The Girls

Kristine's testing out some undergarments made to help support "the girls". Read More »

Zell or Zilch- Nutritious Products

Zell or Zilch is helping you keep your "re-zell-usions" on track in 2015. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Fitness Clothes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Researchers say December is the fattest month, thanks to all of that holiday food. Kristine Zell is helping kickstart the popular New Years resolution of getting fit with a... Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Getting into the Holiday Spirit

 CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kristine Zell is helping you get into the holiday spirit with fashion, firs, and other festivities in Zell or Zilch! Remember to keep your Christmas tree looking fresh... Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Holiday Glam

Beauty products get put to the test in today's Zell or Zilch with Kristine Zell. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Items to Warm You Up

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Kristine is helping you find ways to keep warm as temperatures take a dive. First up, Pro-Flex Insoles by Thermacell.... Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Presents for Your Pooch

Don't forget presents for your pup this holiday season! Kristine Zell is checking out pet-friendly items, with the help of Kaitlin Cody's dog. Read More »

New Moms Try Out Baby Products in 'Zell or Zilch'

Kristine Zell is getting some help from new moms in 'Zell or Zilch'. Read More »

Zell or Zilch: Choosing a Humidifier As Temps Drop

You've probably started to turn on the heat now that we're getting cooler temperatures in our area. The heat is zapping the moisture out of the air. But don't worry, Kristine Zell is taking a look at two humidifiers in 'Zell or Zilch'. Read More »