Charter School Offers Options for Career Seeking Students

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CHARLOTTE, NC:  12 year old Zoria Jones wants to be a dentist when she grows up.  But first, the 8th grader has to make it through high school.  She plans to attend the Entrepreneur High School next year, which is one of 9 new charter schools set to open in Mecklenburg County in 2014.  Her mother likes the program because in her words, “Back in the day when we went to school, a high school diploma meant a lot.  Today it means really nothing.  You need a trade or a degree.”
    Renee Bundick sees EHS as a place where her daughter Zoria can learn a trade and prepare for college.  She says, “This gives here an opportunity to pay for her own College and it takes the stress off of me and her and her father.”
  Dr. Hans Plotseneder is the Principal at EHS.  He says the program is modeled after dual education programs that are common throughout Europe.  Dr. Plots as he’s called says,”What we are focusing on is getting ready for a career.  Getting ready to make money.”  
   Plotseneder says, there will be certified teachers, teaching College prep courses in addition to specific trades.  But he says, the classes at EHS will have a twist. “We actually provide the other subjects as they’re needed for the career.  For example, instead of algebra, business math.”
     Renee Bundick sees the whole idea as a win – win for all involved.  “This is something that’s good for the kids.  They don’t just stop at high school and say oh, I didn’t get my high school diploma, I’m out here in the street trying to grasp for a minimum wage job, they can take a trade.”
And as Dr. Plots says, start making money, right out of high school.