Church Service Remembering Statesville Bus Crash Victims

This video is no longer available.

STATESVILLE, NC – “I felt like I knew them. I mean, it just, it touched me so, and I started crying,” says one church attendee.
People attending Sunday’s service say they felt a connection with those who passed away.
“They seem to be beautiful people. Wonderful. God fearing. Loving people,” says Tracy Morgan.
Six of the eight people who died Wednesday were members of Front Street Baptist Church in Statesville.
A tire blew out on their bus on I-40 near Knoxville, TN and they crashed into an SUV and semi-truck.
“They’re feeling loss. They are. It’s hard. They’ve got some trials and tribulations to still go through. But they’re just loving God,” Morgan explains.
At the same time.. the church continues to pray for nine other church members who remain in a Tennessee hospital.
Many are in critical or serious condition.. though some of them are beginning to show signs of improvement.
Today’s service is a way to start the healing process as the church family gets ready to lay to rest several of its own.
“So I hope that God has opened them, welcomed them into his open arms and that they are safe with him,” Morgan says.