Daisy-Duke Wearing Dad: Funny? Or Harmful?

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CHARLOTTE, NC– Leg-baring Daisy Dukes; a hot summer trend for girls that never goes out of style. But for Utah dad, Scott Mackintosh, it’s a fashion trend he is sick of seeing on his teenage daughter.

After a few arguments he decided to go to some ‘short lengths’ to get her to cover up.

Before a family outing, Mackintosh cut up a pair of jeans into barely-there shorts, the type no daughter would ever want to see on their dad. The picture has done viral.

“It was more of me just making a statement but doing it with a little it of humor instead of argument and attitude,” says Mackintosh.

It’s just one of the many recent publicly embarrassing tactics parents have used to get their kids to shape up.

Earlier this week, a mom in California made her daughter hold a sign on the side of the road after she caught her ‘twerking’ at a high school dance.

Psychologist Dr. Trey Ishee says he applauds parents for getting involved, but he says depending on a child’s temperament, publicly shaming them may do more harm than good.

“If you have a child with a gentle or soft temperament, and you harm that child, then you’re talking about the relationship,” says Ishee.

Ishee adds parents have to know their child and the limits. “The public part of parenting- that’s new for all of us.”