Government Shutdown Puts NC Kids At Risk

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CHARLOTTE, NC – The government shutdown is putting North Carolina kids at risk. Governor Pat McCrory says that is his biggest concern.    

As hefty cuts to child protective services continue, McCrory says a local girl recovering from abuse reinforces the need for federal help.

“She is actually moving  both of her left and right arms for the first time in a year!” said Kirby Davenport.

It’s A victory for four-year-old Kilah Davenport as the community surrounded her Saturday to raise money for child abuse. The toddler from Monroe was beaten by her stepfather in 2012, leaving her with severe brain damage. Kilah had to relearn how to walk, talk and eat after doctors removed part of her skull.

“With Kilah here, it renews the importance that we’ve got to protect our children,” said McCrory.
But with a lingering government shutdown, protection for children is getting more restrictive every day DSS is off the clock. McCrory says that’s his biggest worry.

On top of that, a federal law that would toughen sentencing for child abusers is on hold because of the shutdown. Kilah’s family says they’re keeping the fight going.

“You can’t ever turn on the news without seeing another child who’s been injured or who’s died due to the hands of a caregiver,” said Davenport.

McCrory says he’s focusing his time and effort to find ways to keep child and adult protective services running. Right now, over three thousand people are furloughed in North Carolina, which has caused the state to limit services.

“This thing needs to be resolved. It’s having a big impact on us and frankly, some of the rules they’re implementing out of Washington are ridiculous,” said McCrory.