How To Monitor Your Kids Online

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CHARLOTTE, N.C- A lot of parents struggle with how to keep track of their children’s online adventures.  A recent study found 22 percent of teenagers log onto a social media site more than 10 times a day.

Like many teenagers, Sharad Welch has Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Right now he says Instagram and Vine are the latest trends.  He loves laughing at the 6 second videos, “Get your own profile and it’s all about videos. Tell them what you’re doing and make people laugh.”

Sharad’s mom Romona Matthews keeps a close eye on his activity.  She’s his friend on Facebook and has no problem asking him to unlock his phone at any given time, “As a mom its very important because I need to know what my son is being introduced to from the world.”

With a click of a button kids have everything at their fingertips.  Tech expert Danial Bulloch says its very important to monitor your kids.  He recommends viewing your child’s browser history.  Not only on their computer, but even their cell phone, “If they have an account with Google all their search history by default are saved. So you can go into that account and view everything they searched.”

If you want to take it a step further and see who your child is texting late at night, Bullock says pick up the phone, “Your cell phone provider can provide you with all the texts the phone has received even if the kids deletes them.”

Matthews says it’s important to be in tune with what your kids are doing.  She believes it’s her job, “It isn’t because I’m trying to make his life miserable it’s because I’m trying to protect him.”