Local GOP Candidates Weigh In On “Republican Shutdown”

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CHARLOTTE, NC – President Obama is calling it a “Republican Shutdown”. There’s lots of heat on the right as congress continues to bicker.

There are questions about whether the negative attention on congressional republicans could trickle down to Charlotte.

“Right now, we have  members of my own part unfortunately who’d rather see an embarrassment upon the nation and our president and they feel that is the best strategy to move us forward,” said Edwin Peacock, a republican running for Charlotte mayor.

Peacock says he knows Charlotte residents don’t want to see the partisan back and forth trumping the issues.

“The partisan bickering has got to stop and our campaign is trying to get outside of that and help work to fix problems and find solutions and that’s not what Washington is doing,” said Peacock.

Other local candidates are concerned about how the national drama impacts the view of local leaders.

“They think we’re dysfunctional too and we really aren’t dysfunctional. We are our disagreements but that’s healthy. It’s very unhealthy when everyone goes along to get along,” said Charlotte City Council member Claire Fallon.

Many residents who showed up to the Black Political Caucus’  candidate forum Tuesday say they’re looking for results.

“Regardless of what party their running on the ticket, when they’re elected, they’ve got to serve all citizens of Charlotte and I think that’s something that the DC elected officials forget,” said Colette Forrest, a Wesley Heights resident.