Local Impact of a Government Shutdown

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CHARLOTTE, NC– As the clock ticks closer to a Government shutdown, here’s what it means for you.

Services like social security, medicare benefits, food stamps and school lunches will continue. But the WIC food program for women and children would close.

Approximately 800,000 government employees will be furloughed. The military will continue to operate but paychecks will be delayed.

A new CNN/ORC poll shows 27% of Americans think a shutdown is a good thing while 68% say it’s bad. That same poll found 46% of Americans think Republicans in Congress are responsible for the shutdown, while 36% blame President Obama.

If Democrats and Republicans don’t come to an agreement by midnight, most functions of the government including veterans administration, passport offices and even applying for gun permits will be effected. So will Federal Government offices in Mecklenburg County, and eventually the Federal Court here.

Eric Locher, President of the Charlotte Regional Realtor Association says he doesn’t think a government shutdown will impact Charlotte’s housing market, however, he says it may slow down the process for people waiting for federally-backed loans to be processed.

Locher says the real unknown right now he how people receiving VA loans will be impacted. “We just don’t know. We’ve gotten no word on them.”

Republican Congressman Robert Pittinger blames all of this uncertainty on Democrats in Washington.

“They’re fairly defiant about any changes again whatsoever,” says Pittinger,”… It’s so odd, it’s strange to us that they will negotiate with the tyrants, terrorists and even Mr. Putin, but they won’t negotiate with us.”

As for the airport, Federal Air traffic controllers and airport screeners will remain on the job, though some TSA employees may face furloughs.