N Charlotte Scion FR-S offers low cost of ownership!

The new Scion FR-S near Charlotte is known and popular for many things. Its style and performance seem to be especially noteworthy. However, did you know that this vehicle also has a lot to offer when it comes to affordability? Toyota of N Charlotte has many budget-friendly options for drivers to test-drive and take home. However, potential owners might not immediately gravitate towards a sports car as an affordable option. With this Scion sports car, though, it’s entirely possible for drivers to take home a vehicle that’s not just sleek and stylish but also great for their budget!

New Scion FR-S near Charlotte is exceptionally affordable

Most often it’s easy to think of a sports car as being too expensive and not at all budget-friendly. That’s not the situation that this new Scion poses, though. With a starting MSRP that begins at just over $25,000, this vehicle is already extremely affordable. However, KBB recently took a closer look at this vehicle to determine how expensive it really is. 

  • Financing was taken into consideration, and KBB made estimates based on five years of financing at a three percent rate. 
  • How much a vehicle is driven also contributes to how expensive it is to own, so KBB estimated that around 15,000 miles are put on this car each year. 
  • Drivers are also responsible for out-of-cost expenditures that come with owning a car – whether it’s the new Scion FR-S or a four-door sedan. Costs such as a fuel and car insurance, along with regular auto service near Charlotte and other repairs were also thought of. 
  • Finally, as much as a driver may love a vehicle it’s not going to retain its value and be worth the same down the road. So KBB also included depreciation when calculating the cost of ownership of this Scion sports car. 

After all the information was gathered, KBB came away with some surprising and encouraging results! Over the course of five years, owners only spend around a total of $42,000 – that’s under 60 cents for each mile! 

Take home the popular new Scion FR-S today

If you’re interested in taking home a new Scion near Charlotte, why not opt to get the extremely popular and budget-friendly Scion FR-S? This sports car clearly offers a lot of features that can help a driver’s budget out so you easily get the style you want without having to hurt your finances. Don’t forget that this vehicle also comes with the option of featuring an automatic or manual transmission, which means you can easily achieve the driving the experience you want without having to customize any features – though modifying this vehicle is an option that’s available. 

Ready to get behind the wheel of this sports car and take it out for a spin? Give us a call at (888) 883-3797 to set up an appointment, or stop by and visit us in person at 13429 Statesville Rd! We’re looking forward to speaking with you. 

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