Alarm Sounded More Than A Year Before DSS Arrest

This video is no longer available.

Union County, NC – New details were released the Union County DSS child abuse investigation. A former state official says he asked the state DSS to investigate Wanda Sue Larson more than a year ago. Former deputy commerce secretary, Bob Goodale says his daughter taught the Larson’s children at Union Academy Charter School. Staff say the kids were constantly dirty and hungry. Goodale made contact with DSS, but there’s no evidence anything was ever done.

“Clearly there needs to be reform. We need to learn from this and take all possible steps to insure it never, never happens again,” says Bob Goodale, Former NC Department of Commerce Deputy Secretary.

Larson and her longtime partner, Dorian Harper are still in jail. They’re accused of chaining an 11-year-old boy in their custody, to a railroad tie in his room, cutting his face with a knife, using an electrical wire to burn him and breaking his finger.