Charlotte Man Accused Of Beating Man To Death With Piece Of Wood

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CABARRUS COUNTY, NC – A Charlotte man is charged with voluntary manslaughter—accused of beating another man to death with a piece of wood.

According to authorities, the feud started when the suspect’s brother overdosed last Tuesday.

The Cabarrus County Sheriff says deputies arrested 28-year-old Daniel Locklear Sunday after 21-year-old Jason Armstrong died in the hospital.

Locklear is behind bars, charged with voluntary manslaughter after he beat Armstrong to death, according to the Sheriff.

According to reports, it all started at a home on Starwood Drive near the Cabarrus-Mecklenburg line. The home is owned by the suspect’s older brother David Locklear, who was found dead at the home of an apparent drug overdose last Tuesday.

A few hours later, deputies responded to the home again and found Armstrong in critical condition.
The victim’s parents say their son is the victim of unjustified retaliation.

They say Daniel Locklear blamed him for his brother’s death.

Investigators are not releasing much information about the case, including a motive for the killing.