Dog Abandoned, Left For Dead At Vacant Home

This video is no longer available.

GASTON COUNTY, NC — Abandoned and left for dead. A Gastonia family found a dog chained to a fence at a vacant home.

On Tuesday night, Lady was wagging her tail and giving kisses, showing a lot more life than she had on Saturday when a man found her at a home on South Highland Street in Gastonia.

“My husband heard the dog barking on Saturday and came over here to see what’s going on, and he found her tied to a fence,” said Darlene Cutshaw, a Gastonia resident.

Lady was chained to the fence for at least four days with no food, no water, and no one living in the home. Apparently, the family that lived there moved out last week.

 “I can’t believe they just left her to starve to death. I can’t believe they starved her before they left her, but to leave her behind is awful,” said Cutshaw.

The Cutshaws took Lady in and immediately started looking for a foster family instead of calling Animal Control.

In Charlotte, city ordinances are very strict about this type of situation. It’s a felony to take a dog, even an abandoned one, from a property to keep or feed. You have two options: call Animal Control, or bring it right to an animal shelter.

“If you call Gaston County, they’ll take it. But I was afraid to take her to Gaston County because I didn’t want her put to sleep. I felt so sorry for her,” said Cutshaw.

Cutshaw turned to Facebook instead. Foster Charlotte Area Dogs connected her to Tricia Chassen.

“With some time and care, she’s going to find a great family,” said Chassen.

WCCB contacted the owners of the home where lady was found. They declined to tell WCCB the name of their last tenant.  They also say they did not know the tenants had a dog.