HS Principal Tries To Calm Fears After Violent Threats

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CHARLOTTE, NC- A local high school principal is trying to calm fears and snuff out rumors after threatening graffiti.

“Whenever there’s a situation of this sort, I think every principal is faced with a decision: how much do I need to tell?  Is this big enough?” said Dr. Maureen Furr.

This time around, South Mecklenburg High School Principal Maureen Furr went with her instincts. She immediately notified CMPD after two students reported graffiti with violent threats painted on a bathroom stall last week.

An investigation revealed there was no imminent danger.

But now, Furr is getting calls from parents who are worried because their kids are hearing rumors of violent threats.

“Imagination sometimes gets the better of them. It may have been someone who was angry on a given day; it may have been somebody who thought it would be funny.  It may have been someone who wanted a little attention. You never know,” said Furr.

Better to be safe than sorry.  Furr sent a letter to parents today.

“I’m going to speak to my son tonight to find out more about it, but it is a wonderful feeling to know that a principal is on top of it,” said Jenny Moncure, a South Meck parent.

In her letter, Furr asked parents not to overreact–a chance she took by notifying parents of the rumors.

“If you’re going to have a school climate where people trust one another, you have to earn the trust.  We try to do that when the opportunity presents itself, as it did today,” said Furr.

Furr says there are no plans for added security at school on Monday.