Man on the Edge: Is Identity Theft the New Norm?

This video is no longer available.

Security experts are warning anybody and everybody who’s ever shopped at Target stores to check their bank accounts.  Target was hacked, and criminals got up to 40 million credit and debit card numbers, and possibly your pin.  Which means they could clone your card, and you’d never know it.  Until the charges start showing up.

But credit card companies already monitor your card for fraud, right?  And banks are better about dealing with fraud: just point out suspicious activity, and—boom!—they take off the charge and give you a new card.  So what’s the big deal?  It’s the new norm, right?

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, always pays in cash, but what about you guys?  Are you worried about credit card fraud, or is it just the new norm these days?