New NC Entertainment Tax Changes Go Into Effect

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CHARLOTTE, NC– Movie tickets cost more tonight than they did last night. That’s because a new law went into effect today that increases the sales tax on some of your favorite entertainment like movies, concerts, and sporting events.

Local residents, like Tia Lampone, say they are frustrated with North Carolina’s new entertainment sales tax.

“It’s outrageous! It’s already ten dollars to go see a movie,” says Lampone, “…For a whole family, it’s going to be $50, plus tax.”

As of January 1, residents living in Mecklenburg County have to pay a 7.25% sales tax when buying tickets to movies, plays, museums or exhibits, and sporting events.

While it doesn’t seem like a lot, residents say any more money out of their pocket is too much.

Because of the complex way the law is laid out, for some businesses like Discovery Place Children’s Museum, the impact won’t be felt for several months. But at cinemas, customers are already feeling the pain in their wallet.

For Stan Widjunas and his wife Susan, the higher cost won’t just hurt consumers, but other local businesses as well. They say this is another move that will likely put the brakes on a slowly-recovering economy.

Tickets for concerts or sporting events that went on sale before January 1 are not impacted by the new tax.