Police Search for a Man who Flashed Two Young Girls at Huntersville Park

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, NC — There are concerns about a flasher on the loose in Huntersville. A man is showing his private parts to young girls at a public park.

Residents like Teresa Fisher are worried he may strike again. Fisher says her daughter’s innocence was taken away in flash over the weekend.

“A jogger came by, he stopped, and they saw him reach down into his pants and pulled out his genitalia for the girls to see,” says Fisher.

Fisher’s 10-year-old daughter Chelan Fisher says a man jogging in her neighborhood over the weekend flashed her and her 12-year-old cousin at Monteith Park off Holly Springs Lane in Huntersville. It’s a popular grassy area in front of the Fishers’ home where kids from the neighborhood like to play.

Chelan says they were playing in the park around 5:30pm on Saturday when a guy in his 20s or 30s with a brown or dark red beard ran by and exposed himself to them. Chelan says she has seen the man before on a skateboard.

Fisher is outraged by the situation her daughter and niece were put into. She says she worries how one disturbed person will impact her safe, tight-knit community. Though she says she has faith that her neighbors will come together and keep a close eye out.

“We don’t know where he’s at… but we will find him,” says Fisher.

Chelan says she hopes police find the flasher soon so that other kids don’t experience what she has. “I bet they wouldn’t like it either,” she says.

If you know anything that can help investigators locate this flasher, please call Huntersville Police at 704-464-5400.