Relief In Sight For 25 Families Stranded In Lincoln County

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LINCOLN COUNTY, NC — Relief is in sight for more than two dozen families who live along Amity Lane in Lincoln County.

The 25 Iron Station families have been stranded since summer floods washed out the only road in and out of their Trinity Farms neighborhood. Now, donated repairs are almost finished.

Record rainfall washed out the drainage system under the road over the summer, so residents have been living with a major headache ever since.

“For a while we didn’t have no road, and they put that temporary bridge in for us, but I’m glad we have a real road back now,” said Paul Henderson, an Iron Station resident.

The Department of Transportation put in the temporary bridge. Because Amity Lane is private road, the county and the state left it up to residents to make the permanent repairs, which are estimated at $30,000.

That’s when Sanders Utility Construction from Charlotte stepped in. The company donated time and supplies.

“I wish there was something I could do for them to show my thanks. We’re blessed, and I pray for them to be as blessed as we are now,” said Billie Williams, an Iron Station resident.