Search Over For Three Suspects Who Left A Woman For Dead On Rural Highway

This video is no longer available.

DENVER, N.C.–Home video of Sherry Jo Toebler laughing and loving life is how Dan Toebler will remember his wife, even though their last moments together last Thursday night weren’t nearly as warm. “We had a little bit of an argument. What couple doesn’t have arguments… she got mad at me… and left,” said Dan Toebler.

The Lincoln County Sheriff says the 54-year-old then met up with two women and a man. They stopped at a bar, a pool hall, and “The Denver Mart” to buy beer. At one point, early Friday morning, there was a fight. All three got out of Toebler’s truck on Highway 150 near Mack Ballard Road in Lincoln County. Sheriff David Carpenter says Derek Williams got behind the wheel, ran over Toebler, and took off alongside Patricia Stroupe and Alesha Werner. 

“Just leave her there… that’s pretty sad,” said Sheriff Carpenter.

They left her for dead, he said, with severe head injuries, only to be found by this 911 caller.

Dispatcher: “Is she talking at all?”

Male Caller: “Yeah, she said something about somebody took over her keys and got her truck and went off.”

Deputies discovered Toebler’s Chevy Silverado in Gladden Pond Monday afternoon with information from the two women. They are charged with accessory after the fact of murder. Wiliams is charged with second degree murder. 

“I never would have expected anything like this to happen,” said one family friend. Friends and family are in shock. 

“She would go out of her way to help people, and that is probably what cost her her life…helping people,” said Sherry Jo Toebler’s brother, Ronald Malcolm.

And now her husband of 20 years hopes justice will be served. “I vowed… till death do us part… and death came for her… but I still have my part,” said Dan Tobeler.

At least one of the suspects is scheduled to appear before a judge tomorrow in Lincoln County District Court.