Tenants Fear Homelessness as Vacate Deadline Creeps Closer

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CHARLOTTE, NC– Hundreds of East Charlotte residents are wishing for a new home this Christmas. Last month, their apartment complex announced it’s cleaning house giving tenants 30 days to move out.

As the deadline creeps closer, residents fear they’ll be homeless come the new year.

This is true for mom of three, Yely Garcia. She says she’s doing all she can to make Christmas a joyous one for her kids, despite the fact that come January 10th, they won’t have any place to call home.

In 2011, City Council approved plans to build a mixed-use development where Silver Oaks Apartments are located. Those plans were delayed, until now.

On November 22nd, hundreds of residents received a notice saying they had to be out by Jan. 10th. According to the lease agreements, property management is only required to give tenants 30-days notice to vacate. Because of the holiday season, the deadline was extended to Jan. 10th. A deadline that is quickly approaching.

Residents say Crisis Assistance Ministries will be on site next week to assist families who need help.