Traffic Causes Major Headaches For Travelers at Charlotte-Douglas Airport

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CHARLOTTE, NC– The messy storm pounding through the East Coast has put a serious damper on holiday travel plans for millions of travelers across the country.

According to the flight tracking service, 475 flights have been cancelled, and 3,600 have been delayed.

But out at Charlotte-Douglas International airport on Wednesday, it wasn’t the winter weather holding people up; it was the mile of bumper-to-bumper traffic going nowhere fast.

A majority of travelers we spoke with say the biggest travel hurdle thay had to overcome was just getting to the airport. They say traffic at the airport was some of the worst they’ve ever seen, with some drivers sitting in traffic for over an hour.

Rock Hill native Robert Blank waited 90 minutes for his girlfriend to pick him up. “She said she moved like 200 yards in an hour,” says Blank.

Like so many others, Blank says he’ll be thankful once this travel day finally ends.

Parking is very limited at the airport due to the loss of spaces from construction work. If you are catching a flight on Thursday, consider having someone drop you off, and leave several hours ahead of time.