Waiting Child: Austin

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.- This week’s Waiting Child is funny, smart, loves to play video games… and has dreams of joining the military after high school.  There is one thing he’s missing, a family who will love him forever.

Meet Austin.  He’s a freshman in high school with a birthday just around the corner.  He’ll be a whopping 15 years old.  The first thing you’ll notice about Austin is his smile.  Then you’ll figure out he has a keen sense of humor, ” Will you adopt me already please please please.”

Playing video games is Austin’s passion, “Yes I am a gamer.”

He says trying to figure out how to conquer each level. Then beating the game in it’s entirety is what makes it fun, but this isn’t everything he likes to do, If I’m not at playing video games in general I probably would be reading a comic book at a place like this. I like art, I usually draw sometimes at school.”

Receiving A’s and B’s in school, Austin enjoys researching war history and when he graduates from school he hopes to join the military.

Austin says when it comes to a family, he’s not asking for much, “I want a family that will allow for me to see my family.”

Consider adoption you have the power to change a life forever.