Waiting Child: Jasmine and Alissa

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE N.C- This week’s Waiting Child is about two sisters with an unbreakable bond.
their creativity and fun-loving personality is what keeps smiles on their faces.  All they want is a family to come into their lives and make it complete.

Meet Jasmine, some call her Jazz.  She’s 12 years old and loves to read, draw and paint.  She hopes to be an artist when she gets older.  Jazz says a perfect family in her eyes will love her unconditionally, “I just want a family that will love me and will do anything for me.”

Her younger sister Alissa is 11.  She dreams of being a doctor when she’s older.  Like her big sis, Alissa likes using her creativity and enjoys reading, “I like to read harry potter, mystery and twilight.”

Jasmine and Alissa love spending time together. Their sisterly bond is unbreakable. They hope more than anything for their future family to keep them together says Alissa, “If we don’t stay together then it’s going to be hard for us to communicate. I mean yeah there’s cell phones but it’s going to be hard for us to talk in person.”

The girls shared a secret– they’ve never been to the beach.  They both wish for their new family to take them, “I want to see crabs and seashells and I want to feel the warm sand between my toes.”

If you think Jasmine and Alissa would be a good fit for your family contact The North Carolina Children’s Home Society.

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