Wilson is First in Line at Today’s Mallard Creek Bar-b-Que

This video is no longer available.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Wilson was at Mallard Creek Presbyterian Church where he was bugging everybody who was preparing for today’s 84th Annual Mallard Creek Bar-b-Que.  For 5 generations of families in the community, the event has been a labor of love…until today, maybe.  Between irritating to attempting to instigating a twerking riot, Wilson was enjoying himself with all of the volunteers that were working hard.  And as he does almost every year, he managed to get into the group photo.

The Mallard Creek Bar-b-Que is held each year at old Mallard Creek Community House located at 11400 Mallard Creek Road begins at 10am today and they will continue to serve through about 6 or 7pm tonight.  Stop in and enjoy some great “que” and maybe even a conversation with a politician or two.  Or if you can’t stay, come through the drive through. 

For a menu and order form, click HERE.

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