Blown Transformer Takes Out Power for More Than 1,700 Customers

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More than 1,700 Duke Energy customers are in the dark, without heat, in Mecklenburg County, as temperatures plummet to 16 degrees.

Homes, grocery stores, and gas stations are all affected by a transformer that blew Monday night on Providence Road.  It happened just after 6pm, and Duke Energy says more than 3,300 homes were without power.  Crews stopped traffic on Providence Road near Cavendish Court, where the blown transformer sparked a small fire.  

The blaze knocked out power and traffic signals around the area for close to 3 hours.  Southbound lanes were closed, but crews reopened them at approximately 9pm.  There were no injuries reported.  We talked to residents who were all impacted in different ways.

“It was pitch black, no lights, and it was really dangerous at the intersection,” says South Charlotte resident Serit Kelly.

“About the fourth time the lights went off,” adds Cotswold resident Gunter Watkins, “they stayed off.  Thank goodness I had already made a fire.”