Fans Rally for the Panthers at the Epicentre

This video is no longer available.

It was fandemonium in the Queen City Friday night as Charlotte counted down to the Panthers first playoff game since 2008. Fans were cheering for the NFC South champs at a huge pep rally in uptown Charlotte.

Friday’s pep rally at the Epicentre the Official Panthers Fan Headquarters kicks off a three-day celebration leading up to Sunday’s game. The Carolina Panthers are calling this “Black Friday”, so most fans at the rally were blacked out and pumped up!

Fan Friday is a time to party in uptown Charlotte as the Carolinas got ready to cheer on the home team. Safe to say, Panthers Fever is felt all over.

“So exciting that I don’t even think I can live until they play,” said young Andrew Morris of South Charlotte. WCCB’s own Wilson helped get the party started, but it didn’t take much. “The only thing that makes me feel good is this!” added young Morris, as he pulled Cam Newton’s famous Superman move.

Young and old all were hyped for a team that started 1 and 3, and rose to be NFC South Champions.

“There’s been a lot of hard times to be a fan, but right now it’s exciting and awesome,” said Drew Walters of Lexington. “The team’s doing great. It’s fun to watch!”

“This year is going to be like 2003,” added Plaza Midwood resident Rod Soderburg.”All the fans, we really believe we’re making a run deep into the playoffs.”

Words of encouragement splattered a spirit panel, Top Cats showed up, and many fans sported all black, all day.

The Panthers beat the 49ers by one point back in November. Fans are predicting it will be a close game, and a fight to the finish.

“We know they’re going to win,” said South Charlotte resident Marilyn Twitty-Brown, “and kick the 49ers back to California!”

The party continues on Saturday with the Carolina Panthers Carnival. Live music, street performers, games, and prize packs all from Noon to 5pm in Uptown.