Fort Mill Drivers Fear Driving on Local Roadway

This video is no longer available.
FORT MILL, S.C. – Jim Robinson says it’ll cost more than $300 to replace the shattered window on his minivan.  “My daughter was sitting on the passenger side, and it got all over her,” he says.  Robinson and the ten-year-old were driving down Hensley Road in Fort Mill on Saturday when a bullet hit their window.  He says, “It actually scared me so bad that I veered over into the lane. If there’da been anything coming, I probably woulda hit it head on.” 
Same thing happened to Fort Mill resident David Csiszer.  He was driving down Hensley with his wife, mother and daughter on his way to Saturday night church services when their car was also hit by some type of bullet.  He says, “It has a lot of people terrified. Everybody knows about it in the neighborhood.  It’s horrible to be scared coming outta your own driveway.” 
And it also happened to Jimmy McClurg as he drove down Hensley Road on Saturday.  He points to a hole on his vehicle and says, “It looks like a bullet hole!”  His car appears to have been hit not just once, but twice.  He says, “It’s a thousand dollars worth of damage to a brand new Jeep.” 
McClurg found a piece of metal lodged in one of the holes.  He says its from a pellet gun.  The York County Sheriff’s Office agrees.  A sheriff’s spokesman tells WCCB they have identified a possible suspect, but declined to say more.  Word around town is that it’s a teenager pulling some kind of prank.  
Until an arrest is made, Robinson is thinking twice before driving down Hensley and says this to the shooter: “They just really need to use better judgment. They know right from wrong.” 
The York County Sheriff’s Office spokesman tells WCCB they may release more information about a possible suspect on Thursday.