Massive Target Breach Affected Up To 110 Million Customers

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CHARLOTTE, NC — It’s being called the largest data heist to date. The massive security breach at Target stores has grown to at least 70 million.

Friday, Target revised the number of customers whose personal information was stolen by data hackers during the holiday shopping season. Last month, Target announced credit card information was compromised for 40 million customers. Now that number could be as high as 110 million.

What’s worse: the hackers didn’t just steal credit and debit card information; Target says they were also able to get their hands on customers’ names, phone numbers, and email and home addresses.

Tom Bartholomy, President of the Charlotte Better Business Bureau, says it’s even more fuel for identity thieves. He suggests Target shoppers cancel their existing credit or debit cards and get new ones. He also advises customers to sign up for Target’s free credit monitoring system.

Attorney General Roy Cooper is investigating the data breach in North Carolina, where at least 1.2 million customers have been affected. Cooper released a statement saying, “Putting millions of people’s personal information at risk is unacceptable… Companies must do a better job of protecting their customers if they want to earn their business and their trust.”

Long-time Target shopper Gina Lemons says she is not angry at Target, but she says she expects the company to find ways to become more vigilant in guarding shoppers’ personal information in the future. A necessary move to keep shoppers, like her, coming back.