Daycare Owner Apologizes After 12 Children Consume Bleach

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KINGS MOUNTAIN, NC – Ten children were sent to the hospital Monday after drinking bleach at a day care center in Kings Mountain.

While police investigate the incident at Bolin Daycare Center, the owner tells WCCB he’s sorry for this awful accident.
None of the 12 affected children were reported to have any serious complications.
Staff at the center on Ramseur Street told police that someone added a small amount of bleach to a water pitcher to use for cleaning. That pitcher was accidentally put in the refrigerator and then given to the kids today.
The staff say children started complaining their water tasted funny and some even threw up.  
Paramedics took 10 of the 12 children affected to local hospitals.
“We would never do anything to hurt children, which would hurt our business. This is the first time anything like this has happened in 41 years,” said Jeff Bolin, the daycare center owner.
Bolin says many parents understand the mistake, and plan to bring their children back to the center Tuesday. He says some are angry they were not contacted before their child was taken to the hospital.