Man on the Edge: Keep Pounding Next Year?

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It was a heart-breaker of a game that you could feel take a turn in the second half.  The Panthers finish the year as Division Champs, but just missed out on the chance to play for the Conference Championship.  The question now: will the momentum they built over the past few months pull fans in next season.

There’s no doubt, everybody loves a winner.  And the Panthers had an impressive winning record this season.  Enough that fans were piling on the bandwagon every week after each successive game.  But with Sunday’s loss ending our bid for a Division win, and dashing Super Bowl hopes, some fans will be packing up gear just like the players packed up the locker room today.

One of the consistent complaints about fans in this town is that they’re not in for the long haul.  They’re known to dump out in the third, and only like to show love when the Cats are winning.

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, is black and blue, through and through!  But will all Panther fans keep pounding next year?