Man on the Edge: Kids at Fancy Restaurants?

This video is no longer available.

Grown-ups want grown-up time at dinner.  That’s the message one of the nation’s top chefs seems to be putting out.  Chef Grant Achatz, at Alinea in Chicago, went to Twitter to voice his displeasure when, apparently, two people came in with an 8-month-old baby.  Baby started crying, and other tables got mad at the noise.  The chef sparked a Twitalanche when he hinted that maybe babies shouldn’t be brought to fancy restaurants.

And when we say “fancy”, we mean it’s the kind of place Kim and Yeezus can’t just walk into without a reservation.  People wait for months to get into Alinea.  Meals cost as much as your mortgage.  There’s certainly an air of sophistication there, and that air doesn’t include baby smell.

And yet, at least one report on the story says the family did have a sitter lined up, but they cancelled at the last minute.  But instead of finding someone else, or cancelling the reservation, they packed up the diaper bag and made everyone else’s meal a disaster.

Our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, figures Ci-Ci’s is fancy eatin’ now that baby Rory rules the restaurant choices.  But what about other eateries?