Man on the Edge: Who Has it Tougher?

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Online is the new norm when it comes to singles looking for a love connection.  Fishing around dating websites is just part of the game, but just like real life, there’s a difference between the nibbles you get with different bait.  And women’s bait get a whole lot more nibbles than men’s.  And they get weirder nibbles too.

That was proven this week, thanks to a Reddit poster.  He created a female profile of himself, just to prove to a female friend that women have it easier in online dating… which started out to be true, since he got about a dozen responses within two hours.  But then he started getting unsolicited nude pictures, sex solicitations, and guys getting ticked that he wasn’t responding fast enough.  It got so ugly that he ended the experiment and deleted the account the same night.

But the flip side of that is all those hopeful guys out there who don’t get any play.  Guys are way more likely to go trolling for nibbles, and come up empty.  Whether it’s IRL or online, women are the ones who have to show interest if it’s going to go anywhere.  Which is what takes us out to the streets tonight, asking: who has it harder when it comes to online dating, men or women?