Man on the Edge: Are the Target Hackers Really Harmful?

This video is no longer available.

Inside the minds of hackers!  They hit a bull’s eye at Target, and millions of credit card users are now at their mercy.  But are the guys behind the breach all talk?

Target’s latest email to customers is causing panic, instead of reassurance.  Thousands say they’re afraid to click on the company’s link to free credit monitoring because they fear it’s a fake that will make them even more vulnerable to identity theft.

So does that mean the hackers are winning?  How many times have you heard them boasting about the mess that they cause?  Several editorials are actually arguing that the crooks behind the Target breach are just trying to prove to the world that they have serious skills.

So our Man on the Edge, Robert Wilder, hit the streets to see how harmful you think hackers can really be…