Nasty Online Comments Spark Further Divide in Union Co. Redistricting Fight

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CHARLOTTE, NC– The redistricting fight in Union County is getting nasty. Some parents in union county say it’s turning into a battle over race and classism after a nasty online comment made by an alleged parent sparks outrage.

The negatively-charged statement posted on the website by an alleged parent from Cuthbertson High School calls families and faculty of nearby Parkwood Schools in Monroe “stupid hillbillies”, “violent peasants”, and “idiots.”

The comments were made in response to Union County’s redistricting plan, where 6,000 kids would be moved to different schools to ease overcrowding and manage new growth. Meaning some students from Cuthbertson would have to go to Parkwood.

Parkwood mom Beth Lewis says the emotion from some parents will make the transition even harder for their kids down the road.

“The parents are dividing a community, and then you’re going to send your kids to this school where they’ve already made enemies at… it just seems counter-productive,” says Lewis.

Cuthbertson dad Byron Gaymon agrees. He’s coached at both schools and his son currently plays for the Cavaliers. His feelings for Parkwood do not mirror those posted online. He says he’s disappointed by the message.

“That may be the way that person feels, “says Gaymon, “..but that’s not the way the majority of parents at Cuthbertson feel.”

The redistricting plan has not been approved. It could be voted on as soon as April.