Man on the Edge: Will the President Legalize Weed?

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It’s “not as bad as alcohol”.  That’s what the President told the New Yorker in an interview that came out over the weekend.  In the same article, he said lighting up is not something he encourages.  But that feels like some double-talk, given that the President says he’s not going to force the feds to prosecute potheads in Colorado or Washington state.

He also said that legalizing it to solve the drug problem is “overstating the case”.  But maybe not.  A new CNN poll shows that most Americans now think marijuana should be legalized.  And the number of people who think it’s morally wrong has tanked.  So maybe he could legalize it.

Normally, it would take an act of Congress to do something like that, but President Obama has a habit of doing things anyway.  And with 167 executive orders under his belt, on everything from health reform to texting and driving, you’d think that a former stoner looking for positive political traction would go ahead and git ‘er done!

Which is why our Man on the Edge thinks it’s just a matter of time: when will the President legalize marijuana?