Road Crews Target Secondary Roads, Warn of Black Ice

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CHARLOTTE, NC– Following Tuesday’s winter storm, major interstates and roadways in Mecklenburg County are clear. The concern Wednesday night was the random icy spots on secondary roads scattered all over Mecklenburg and surrounding counties.

NC DOT has been working around the clock since Monday night treating interstates and area roadways. Wednesday night is no different. With temperatures expected to drop below 15 degrees, any remaining water or melting snow on the roads will freeze, potentially causing patches of black ice, which are dangerous for drivers to see.

Union County resident John Little says he hit a patch of ice in front of his house and slid right past his driveway. “That’s what’s kind of scary. You’ll get a good spot and then all of a sudden on a curve, it’ll creep up on you and you’re not expecting it,” says Little, “..If you’re not careful, you’ll end up in a ditch.”

For the first time in two days, NC DOT is scaling back efforts from 100 trucks to 20, but plan to have crews out overnight working on secondary roads.