New Toyota Corolla comes with eco-friendly features!

The all-new 2014 Toyota Corolla near Charlotte has arrived at our dealership, and it comes with a variety of impressive features that go beyond luxury and sophistication. At Toyota of N Charlotte, we strive to provide drivers with dependable and reliable vehicles that deliver incredible style. For many drivers, it’s easy to find the new car they want in no time at all. However, sometimes specific preferences arise such as wanting access to hybrid-like fuel-efficiency without actually purchasing or taking home a hybrid car. Believe it or not, this is a criterion that this new Toyota actually meets!

Take care of your budget and the environment with the new Toyota Corolla

How can this new Toyota in N Charlotte offer fuel economy that’s normally attributed to eco-friendly hybrid options? Easy – through the all new trim-level called the LE Eco! This vehicle has been making quite the positive impression, even though it hasn’t been available to enjoy for very long. 

  • The Green Car Journal has nominated it for the Green Car of the Year award!
  • It’s also been called one of the Top Five Green Cars of 2014. 
  • This LE Eco trim-level has also received the Green Car Product of Excellence award. 

For its nomination for the Green Car of the Year award, different factors such as fuel-efficiency and availability were taken into consideration – qualifications that this stellar new Toyota easily meets. 

What makes this new Toyota so efficient? 

Did you know that the LE Eco trim-level achieves an estimated combined fuel economy of 42 mpg? Those are numbers that other gas-powered cars will be hard-pressed to beat! What other unique features does the N Charlotte Toyota Corolla boast that make it budget-friendly and eco-friendly? 

  • For starters, it comes with a special new transmission called the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), and this small modification lends some significant results. It helps the car achieve the best performance possible by making the most of every revolution. That’s part of why such incredible gas mileage can so easily be achieved. 
  • With a starting MSRP of $18,700, this specific trim-level is also exceptionally affordable – meaning you can make fewer trips to the gas station AND help the environment out at the same time! 
  • Fine-tuned details that help improve the fuel economy can be found in other places besides under the hood, too. The Toyota Corolla in N Charlotte can come equipped with low-resistance rolling tires that further help this stylish Toyota achieve fantastic fuel economy. 

Stellar transportation can easily be enjoyed without having to hurt the environment or your budget. The 2014 Toyota Corolla near Charlotte is proof of this! Don’t hesitate to stop by and visit us at 13429 Statesville Road if you want to learn more about this car, and how its eco-friendly features don’t diminish its style. Our team members are standing by ready to answer any questions you may have, and to get you set up so you can take it out for a test-drive today!


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